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Knowing God

By Rev Dale Lee
“Be still, and know that I am God; I will
be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted
in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10, NKJV)
People invest great amounts of time, energy, and
money in seeking to know things. Each passenger
on the submersible mini-submarine Titan which
imploded paid $250,000 to see the Titanic. They
never made it. Millions of students spend years
of time and suitcases of money in order to obtain
vast amounts of knowledge which they believe
they will need for their future. The preacher and
king in Jerusalem thousands of years ago declared,
“I set my heart to seek and search out by
wisdom concerning all that is done under heaven.”
(Ecclesiastes 1:13) We humans are driven by
the need to know. But do we realize our greatest
need is to know God? “Knowing about God is
crucially important for the living of our lives…we
are cruel to ourselves if we try to live in this world
without knowing about the God whose world it
is and who runs it.” (Dr. Packer) Hardly anyone
wants to be cruel to themselves but we sentence
ourselves to stagger through life confused, fearful,
bewildered, and lonely if we do not set out at
some point to know God, the God Who made us
for Himself.
For those who are seeking to know God, Psalm
46:10 is a wonderful place to start for it reveals
a mighty and foundational fact about God: He is
Sovereign. God is God. What do we mean when
we say that God is Sovereign? The Bible tells us
that our God is in heaven and He does whatever
He pleases (Psalm 115:3); that the LORD has
established His throne in heaven and His kingdom
rules over all (Psalm 103:19). Sovereignty also
means that God answers to no one and is never
obligated to explain Himself to any of His creatures.
He is at perfect liberty to act or to refrain
from acting according to His own good pleasure.
God prescribes what we should be and how we
should live. He determines when, where, and under
what circumstances each person is to be born,
live and die. Nations are in the hands of God, who
assigns their heritage here on earth, and controls
their destiny. Christians can forever rejoice that
our God “omnipotent reigneth” and that neither
chance, the folly of man, of the malice of Satan
control this world. Happy indeed are the people
whose God is the LORD. (Psalm 144:15) Get to
know Him.
Take these mighty truths to heart, live in their
glowing light , and then let your light shine before
men, thus glorifying your Father in heaven. That
is why we are here.

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