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A true account of Judy Liming’s darkest life struggles, and striving to keep the faith while she keeps on keeping on
learning to overcome life’s tragedies.

Judy Liming was born and raised in Scott County Tennessee. From an early age she was always a very happy and outgoing individual. She has been very active and health-conscience her entire life. She is a physical therapist and massage therapist, and has instructed aerobic exercise classes for many, many years, and promoted good health in other various ways. Her entire life life has been about promoting good health, healing, and being whole.
As with most young ladies, Judy married and had children. The fi rst was twin boys, Shannon and Shane, then later a daughter, Sonni. Judy told us Several years ago she experienced going through “A dark night of the soul”. She said she had gone through devastation before but never a dark night of the soul – a spiritual battle – an attack! She said she experienced a lot of bitterness and things she didn’t understand, although she never experienced depression and anxiety. She talked with pastors and spiritual leaders to gain understanding of what she was going through and how to deal with it. She said it was like a heavy burden. During this time Judy was involved in foreign mission, such as, “Widow’s Ministry”, and she was being obedient to God. She soon come to realize what she was experiencing was an attack of the enemy because of the mission fi eld she was in. When Judy was becoming so close to God she and her three year-old daughter, Sonni, moved to Texas. While in Texas, she said she actually got to experience miracles. That was her strengthening years – her “coming into relationship”. That’s where she entered into the knowledge that each of us really is “The Bride of Christ”. Once we’re re-born we are re-generated….. re-gened. And at that point she said she believes we actually carry the DNA of Christ. She said, “when we do the body and the blood of Jesus Christ I honestly believe, we are regenerated”. Judy didn’t have a husband during this time, and she said “He (Christ) saw me”. “He was the
soother of my soul. Because I started healing. I started healing in really miraculous ways.” She said, if you research the reason women marry, it is for security. Because they want to know that their children are going to be safe and secure. That’s what I realized during that time.” “Sonni and I came back to Tennessee. That was my journey with her during that time of my life. And I think that re-enforced her formative years because I was a diff erent person – I raised
Sonni diff erent – I talked to her diff erent – I nurtured her diff erent. You’re a diff erent person when you walk closely with Jesus. That started in Texas.” Judy said her experience in Texas was really important to her when her son, Shannon passed. She said it was “beyond devastation”. During this time, it was important that she could step back into that time period in Texas and gain strength from there, and get comfort from there. She told us, “before I went to look at my son’s body that day, when I found him I had to be strengthened. And that happened for me. I became extremely strong. I was so strong it was a miracle how much strength literally came into my being. It took that strength to go. I think when you look back at your life you’re gonna see it. (What God has done to prepare you for the trouble and trials ahead). It’s like the signs that are posted all over our county, “BUT GOD”. Car wrecks, almost car wrecks, almost falling off the porch, the accidents that don’t happen. Being saved is one thing but entering into that relationship is something altogether diff erent. It’s like a marriage – you don’t know how to be in a marriage until you’re married. You don’t know how to be in a relationship with God until you get into a relationship with Him. You learn to depend on God in an entirely diff erent way.” Judy expressed, if she had not had that intimate relationship with God, she could not have had strength to get through Shannon’s passing. Judy said, “people will let you down and disappoint you. They cannot be your everything. But God IS your everything. That relationship with God is what brought about the miracle of life for me in my own journey. Because the stress of Shannon’s death, I am positive, that is what caused my cancer. Stress is a silent killer. Ovarian cancer has to be at about stage 4 before it can be diagnosed. When I was diagnosed I had 12 lbs of cancer-fi lled fl uid in my abdomen. It had gone metastatic. It came on gradual, but became quick. They didn’t give any hope of survival. And they gave me about three weeks to live without chemotherapy. And I thought about not doing the chemotherapy. I had trouble believing I had cancer. I had done 30 years of aerobics, ate right, and did everything to maintain a healthy body. My husband, Mark, looked at me and said, “Well, looks like your have trained for this all your life”. I replied, “What an observation”. He wanted me to do the chemo. So I said, “I’ll do the chemo”. I had tumors everywhere. It was like someone splattered a bowl of popcorn and it went everywhere. They removed the 12 lbs of cancer-fi lled fl uid from my abdomen and I was place on “Red Devil” chemo. The fi rst treatment was rough. I actually called in my angels a few
times to just please come take me home.” Judy said she had already experienced such a big shock with the death of Shannon, that getting the news that she might die didn’t bother her. She didn’t get a shock. She said, “I felt I was a winner either way. That was the feeling throughout the entire cancer journey. When I was told I had three
weeks to live without chemo, Christ became my anchor.” Judy had always done communion anyway, but she had not done it every single day to accomplish a healing. She said she had done it because the body and the blood of Jesus accomplishes more than we will ever know. And again, she says it is on the spiritual realm that it happens. “I can’t explain how it happens, I just know I have lived it. And there’s no explaining it. I’ve been watching Joseph Prince for a long, long time for a couple of years, at least. And he was always talking about the body and the blood of Jesus, and doing communion. He wrote several books on daily communion, “the process of partaking of wine and unleavened Jewish bread, called matzah”. “I use that because it’s striped. By His stripes we are are healed.” Judy read all the scriptures she could, about Jesus. She said, Even before the “Last Supper”, He instructed His followers, that to really be with Him and to know Him, they were to, “Eat of my Flesh and drink of my blood”. And the scriptures said it was a hard saying.

Join us again next week for Part II of “From Darkness to Dance” with Judy Liming.

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