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On the second Saturday in December of 1871, several members of Bethlehem
Baptist Church in the Oak Grove area of Oneida, met at Pine Creek School for
the purpose of discussing the organization of a church for themselves. There
was no preaching. The moderator was Elder, James Litton of Bethlehem, and
William Thomas was the presiding Bethlehem clerk.
Bethlehem Church met again at Pine Creek School house on the second
Saturday of January, 1872, apparently for the same purpose. The Bethlehem
church minutes, records another meeting of Pine Creek charter members, listed
as follows
“Second Saturday in May, 1879”. John Marcum, John A. Marcum, William
Marcum, Charley Foster, J.T. Smith, Arlena Marcum, Lunancy (Lucy) Marcum,
Emily Foster, Luraney Foster, Sarah J. Keeton, Sarah Smith, and Richard
Marcum. Calvin Terry, Moderator; David Acres, Clerk.
The first minutes of the Church enabled us to see that the charter members
were active in assisting our church in numerous ways that enabled it to grow. Many were saved and came into our church by the “experience of baptism.
Many others came into the body by letter from sister churches.
The records show that at least three (3) sister churches were organized from among our body. They are: Helenwood United Baptist, December 22,
1906; Grave Hill United Baptist, March, 1908; Niggs Creek United Baptist, July 2, 1932. As the communities grew the churches followed.
There have been three (3) buildings which have housed our Church since its’ beginning. The first was recorded in the Bethlehem Minutes as being the
Pine Creek School building, which was constructed of logs and later torn down. A second building was constructed in its’ place, in which only the church
met but was later used again, also as a school.
The second building was the Pine Creek School building most people remember. It was small, containing school desks and few benches in which to seat
the congregation. It was heated by one rather large coal-burning stove, located in the center of the building. The water system consisted of a hand pump
situated over a deep well. There was no electrical system, only coal oil lamps, which provided dim light.
What the building lacked in modern conveniences was more than compensated for by the warm, friendly
spirit of the congregation.
During the early fifties the building was no longer used for a school. The desks were removed
and more church pews added. The building was wired for electricity and the church purchased its first
piano. Ella Mae Webb was the first pianist.
A new addition was begun on the back of the building in 1953, but insufficient funds prevented its completion.

Prior to this, the church did not own the land on which the building sat. Two of the church’s charter
members, John Marcum and son, John A. Marcum, owned the land. They had agreed to allow the church
to meet in the building(s) that had sheltered Pine Creek School. Upon their deaths in 1889 and 1903, the
land jointly belonged to Lemuel and Fred Marcum, John A. Marcum’s sons. In 1953 the land became up
for division. Amid the division the land heirs agreed to give the church the section where the church building
was located. On June 15, 1953, the Church became the legal owners of the property.
On March 3, 1956, it was decided that a new building was needed if we were going to seat our
growing membership. There were occasions when the building was full with people standing, and out side
in the church yard. Then, a special session of the church was called on March 18, 1956, for the purpose of
having the clerk notify all members of our building plan, and as to how we planned to raise the necessary
The members supported the plan to raise funds for the new building in various ways. Some of the ladies chose to bake and sell cakes, giving the proceeds
to the building fund. Many of the men gave of their time, talents and offerings to assist in the building effort. The Pine Creek members were determined to
see the proposed building become a reality and had the faith to bring this about.
Work began on the basement on July 6, 1958. “In regular order, the church was called together by the pastor after Sunday School, April 29, 1962, for the
purpose of procuring money to finish the church building. The existing building committee composed of Rev. James E. Marcum, Millard Stanfill and Allen
E. Marcum was released by motion and second.
In like manner, a board of trustees were chosen to borrow $1,000 to complete the building. The board of trustees consisting of Rev. James E. Marcum,
Millard Stanfill, Thomas Watson and M.L. Marcum. This was done by the Pine Creek United Baptist Church while in special session.
Through the perseverance and dedication of the members for a mutual cause, the church was completed and dedicated on September 17, 1967, on “Homecoming
Day”. During the course of this special occasion, Sister Frona Marcum, mother of Pastor, James E. Marcum, presented a Bible to the church which
was originally placed upon the “remembrance table”. The inscription reads: “In memory of Canie Marcum, who died in the service of his country, September
18, 1944”. Canie Marcum was Sister Marcum’s brother. That Bible still holds a very special place in the Pine Creek United Baptist Church today.
On August 7, 1976, the church voted to construct a shed-type building to be used by the church and Sunday School for special dinners and “Homecoming”
gatherings in September.
The “Homecoming” was established in September of 1933 and has been held annually on the third Sunday in September since that time. It was initiated by
Bill Bell, who was the son of former members of our church. H.B. and Dillia
“Marcum” Bell, who had moved away to another state and wished to hold a
“homecoming” each year at a prescribed time. This was agreeable with the
church, and for a number of years this event had a chairman and a program
was printed to present the schedule of the day.
The first “Homecomings” were just for singing and fellowship with relative
and friends. Some of the members brought food, which later became
known as “dinner-on-the-ground”, while others ate in the homes of relatives.
Sunday School has grown over the years. Pine Creek United Baptist
Church has an average attendance of members and visitors in the seventies
and beyond.

Current Pastor & Deacons From left to right: Jason Perry, Mike West, Keith
Marcum, Ronnie Duncan, John Webb

Sunday School Officers and Teachers throughout the years include:
Charles Hammock, Keith Marcum, Bob Duncan,Betty Hammock, Bill
Matthews, Thomas Watson, M.L. Marcum, Allen E. Marcum, Mary Lou
Terry, Lula Mae Marcum, Kathy Terry, Mike West, Michael Weathers, Tyler
Chitwood, Jake Carver, Marion Burke, Lori Weathers, Leann Goins, Carissa
Carver, Jean West, Ann Marcum, Kristen Stephens, Mark Terry, Burkey Marcum,
and Ada Marcum.
There have been several pastors of the Pine Creek United Baptist Church. C.C. Terry, W.R. Hamby, Rubin Cecil, Isham Roysden, J.B. Troxel, A.M. Gregory,
Julian Jeffers, R.D. Ellis, J.S. Watson,
J.H. West, W.S. Watson, W.C. Marcum, L.M. Blevins, Harland Phillips.
James E. Marcum was elected in December 1951 and served until such time he was elected indefinitely on December 3 1966 and served for the next 36-
1/2 years. His son, Keith Marcum was ordained in April, 1987 and elected pastor in August, 1988. Keith has served as pastor for the past 35 years, and is the
current pastor.
Throughout the history of the Church several members have served as “church clerks”. Those members include: J.T. Smith, William Marcum,
Littleton Litton, John A. Marcum, Marion Marcum, Lemuel L. Marcum, Rotela Marcum, Ola Marcum, M.H. Phillips, Billy Joe Blevins, Millard Stanfill,
Witmer Posey, Allen E. Marcum, Lynna Ruth Webb, and Thomas Watson.
Assistant church clerks were: Etta Marcum, Ola Marcum, C.S. Webb, James E Marcum, Lemuel Marcum, W.R. West, Esker Terry, Witmer Posey, and
Violet Marcum.
Church treasurers include: Christine Marcum, Monroe Blevins, M.L. Marcum, Millard Stanfill, Allen Marcum, Junior Terry, and Jason Perry.
Deacons who have been ordained by Pine Creek United Baptist Church, and those who came into the body by letter include: J.V. Terry, W. Henry Terry,
Easu Webb, W. Henry Terry, Moncie Phillips, W.R. West, M.L. Marcum, Monroe Blevins, Allen E. Marcum, Thomas Watson, Millard Stanfill, and Earl K.
Bridges. Presbytery Elders and Brothers include: R.C. Cecil, R.D. Ellis and A.M. Gregory, W.C. Marcum, G.C. West, Leland Thomas, J.S. Garrett, Calvin
Terry J.C. Watson, J.S. Garrett, Calvin Terry, Franklin D. Marcum, James E. Marcum, John Jackson, and Charlie Taylor.
Ministers ordained at Pine Creek Church include: W.C. Marcum, M.C. Watson, Lawrence Marion Blevins, John Jackson, James E. Marcum, Franklin D. Marcum, George D. Marcum, Otis Watson, Keith
Marcum, James Taylor, Johnny Coffey, Jeff Boyatt, Bill Blevins and Michael
Weathers. Previously ordained ministers are: Guy Ainsworth, Sam Vaughan,
and Joe Blevins. Other ministers include Jamie Duvall.
Some of the events of interest were:
September the 4th Saturday in 1879, by motion and second the church sets
May and September to hold communion. Since that time communion
was changed to the Sunday before Easter.
The Pine Creek Church met on the fourth Saturday night of each month
from August 4, 1879 until January, 1880, when the meeting time was changed
to the first Saturday night. In 2010 the meeting was again, changed to the first
Sunday night in 2010.
November, 1906, The committee to get means to build a flu was called on to
report, and there was only one of the committee present, Sister Lucy Marcum,
and she reported collected $1.70 cents, and they released her. And the others
of the committee was not released until their report was received.
December, 1930, New Business. Then by motion and second that we get
a new church record and fountain pen and keep our record with pen and ink.
January 7, 1933, Motion and second to draw on treasure for new song
books for $2.21.

Pastor & Deacons from earlier years from left to right: Millard Stanfill,
Allen E. Marcum, Thomas Watson, and Reverend James E. Marcum.
Not Pictured M. L. Marcum

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