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Crocheted cable cord


  • yarn
  • crochet hook
  • a cord (phone charger, laptop charger, etc.)




Step 1: Preparation


The length of the cord will depend on your cable, but for you to have an idea, I used a 3-meter string. To start, place the cord halfway behind your charger and pull on both sides of the string.

Step 2: Half double node (DNA node)

Half double node (DNA node)

First, pull the left string over the charger cable.

Step 3: Half double knot

Half double knot (continued)

Place the right string over the left one

Step 4: Half double knot

Half double knot (continued)

Pull the right cord behind the charger cable and inside the hole on the right string

Step 5: Half double knot

Half double knot (continued)

Pull on both sides with equal intensity and adjust your knot.

Step 6: Half double knot

Half double knot (continued)

Repeat the same procedure until you reach the end of your cable.

Step 7: Repeat the same knot

Repeat the same knot

The idea is that the knots will twist, resembling DNA. But if you notice that it is not happening, then maybe your knot is not firm enough. So, you can also have an extra help adjusting and shaping it with your hands, if necessary.

Step 8: Ready!


Your cable is now protected!

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