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Pressed flower lanterns


  • Glass jar/mason jar (STRAIGHT/SMOOTH SIDED)
  • Pressed flowers
  • Mod Podge (MATTE)
  • 4 feet Twine
  • Tealight candles



Step 1: Add pressed flowers to jar

  • Paint a small area of the outside of the jar with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

    It’s best to work in small areas, as the Mod Podge starts to dry very quickly.

Press dried flowers into Mod Podge.

f the flower has layered petals, you may need to “glue” the top petal to the one beneath it with mod podge. This will ensure the flower sticks properly.

  • Once all the flowers have been placed on the jar, let the Mod Podge dry for five minutes.

    Cover the entire jar with a thin layer of Mod Podge. This will ensure all the flowers stick, and it creates an even texture for any glass that’s showing on the lantern.

    Step 2: Tie the twine

    Starting from the centre of the twine, loop it around the mouth of the jar several times. Make a knot and then tie a bow out of the remaining twine

  • Add a candle and light it to see your lantern glow.

    Your pressed flower lantern is complete!

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