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DIY jewelry dishes

You’ll Need:

  • Air Dry Clay (any brand you can find).
  • Water (to make your molding and shaping process easier).
  • Sponge (so you can soak up access water and smooth the rough edges).
  • Soft paintbrush (for finishing touches and smoothing surfaces).
  • Sandpaper (to sand your creations once they’re dry).
  • Sculpting kit (optional, but you’ll need it if you’re willing to sculpt a face, motif, or whatever).


Keep in Mind:

  • You need to prep your space and cover it (air dry clay could get very messy).
  • Make a paste by mixing some clay with a bit of water. This shall act as a glue to stick your pieces together and work your edges (make sure it’s not too runny yet not too pasty).
  • Keep all your needed equipment close by because air dry clay is quick to dry and that will make it harder to mold if you keep leaving it and going back to it.
  • Leave your creations in an airy space with no direct sunlight to avoid them from getting cracked.
  • The drying process will take from 24 to 48 hours depending on how humid where you live.

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