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Chicken Soup for the Soul

He wasn’t a puppy, he wasn’t full grownHe had been adopted, he did have a home.But Harley the dog was so sad and so lonely.He wished, and he wished, “If only, if only”“My people were home more, if someone would pet me, “If there was occasion for someone to let me… “Go outside for a walk or maybe a car ride, “Not stay in my kennel but sleep at their bedside.”But he’s be surprised that his people thought, too, “Harley’s so lonely, but what can we do?“Our jobs are consuming, we’re always away… “It’s not fair to Harley to leave things this way.”That’s when they decided to take out an ad,Tell all about Harley and why they were sad.Explain all the reasons he needed a home,Where time and attention would always be shown.They hoped they’d fi nd someone who’d read it and come, Take one look at Harley and say, “He’s the ONE!” They met lots of people but still hadn’t found, The right place for Harley where love would abound.Then who should they meet on a warm summer’s day? But a little, old lady wind could blow away! They knew by her face, so loving and dear, A match for their Harley was certainly here!They planned the right time to go to her house, To see where she lived, so they wouldn’t have any doubts. The three made their way to her house on East Byrd. They knocked on the door, and the lady emerged.“Now, won’t you come in. I’m Marion Thompson. “I hope you’re still open to Har-ley’s adoption.” But while they were talking, Harley was sniffi ng, So, what they discussed, Harley was missing.Their talking got quiet, and something oc-curred, That Harley could sense, though he didn’t know words. By the feel of the stroke, the goodbye that they said, Harley knew he would stay with the lady instead.The lady gave Harley his forever home,That came with more love than he’d ever known. She’d take him outside, say “You’re my good boy!” It’s moments like these that gave Harley such joy.So loved and contented, this dog spent his days. Right there by her side. Harley found lots of ways, To guard and to guide her, to love and defend her. I witnessed the ways that Harley would tend her.He’d bark when the bell rang. He’d sleep at her feet, And not move a muscle till morning would peak. He’d gather her slippers and bring them with haste. He’d park by the table and hope for a taste…Of some little morsel that fell to the fl oor,But he’d never bark or beg for some more.He gave Mrs. Thompson his love without fail,But as the years passed, the old lady grew frail.Then she took a tumble, oh no, broke her hip!The ambulance came, and then she had a trip… To fi x her old hip with the surgeon’s repair. She worked hard in rehab and made friendships there.But she missed her sweet Harley and being home. He missed her, too, and he felt all alone.When fi nally together, he sensed what she needed. He was more than her dog. That’s why he succeeded…At meeting her needs, he knew just what to do. Like times when she’d drop things he’d fetch them, that’s true. I knew that her Harley just loved that old lady. And she told him daily, “I love you like crazy!”The bond that they shared with time never faded, For this was a friendship that God or-chestrated! Two lonely souls that needed each other, The dog known as Harley and Marion, my Mother.

Pat Severin

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