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Let’s talk….What are you afraid of (part 2)

Last week we explored- what are you afraid of that immobilizes you? What is stealing your joy and destroying your hope? What keeps you from living by faith and being a risk taker? What keeps you from giving your life wholly to a loving God that wants nothing more than the best for you? To explore the answers, we must fi rst discover and analyze our fears and explore a Biblical response to them.The Fear of Being Alone: Life is a journey of disconnections We leave our parents for college and friends. We move away and get married. We disconnect in divorce and death. Change is inevitable. “Joining in and letting go “is part of the fl ow of living. How and what are these disconnections? How to manage this change? Cultural disconnects: Being alone can cause panic in some people. Certain atmospheres or locations can make people feel lonely. Being away from family, friends, children can add to disconnected feelings. Broken marriages, relocating and death can cause great depths of sadness and loneliness. Social media has replaced the face to face and heart to heart conversations. Lack of good rela-tionships kills the mind and the spirit. Disconnection of desertion: Divorce, dementia and death. People you have counted on have now left you. You are left alone, unsupported. Your expecta-tions were unfulfi lled.Disconnection of interference: People that you thought liked you are now gos-siping and spreading lies or malice against you with the intent to breed opposi-tion or resentment towards you. They might cause you to lose friendships with their intent on causing you harm. People can push us towards disconnection by retreating back to their old evil habits after we have tried to pour ourselves out to help them—only to end up being rejected by them. HOW TO WIN AGAINST DISCONNECTION: FIGHT WITH ALL OF YOUR MIGHT! Change your expectation levels as happiness is an inside job that isn’t owed to us by others.Decide today that God provides your happiness as He is your “All in All”. Trust that God promise to never leave you or forsake you. If this is your solid satis-faction, you have a fi rm foundation in desperate times.Make acquaintances with everyone. Give your very best to all you meet. Healthy connections mean you must work at maintaining them. To do this suc-cessfully, choose to manage a few relationships with your full attention. Develop compassion by helping someone else fi rst. People who give fi nd them-selves on the receiving end. Be a giver of time, kindness and listening. (Good mattered conversation is to only talk 50% of less when with others).Make someone else smile and ask for help, wisdom or advice. Let someone be a giver back to you. Find companionship with people who value similar things. Be the one who initiates fi nding the deeper interaction. Find a prayer partner who can help you develop spiritually. God intends for you having good fellowship with good friends.Find courage in believing that God will support your steps as you fi ght against being alone or isolated. Enjoy looking up God’s promises in the Bible. Prayer is not for answers, it’s for getting as close to God as possible; you will then fall in love with Him.Find God in an intimate relationship that is bigger, better, stronger than any earthy relationship can ever be. Learn the journey of surrendering to Christ and He will replace any feeling of disconnections. That journey will fi ll hundreds of hours. God will bring a deep joy and peace to you soul. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You are of great value to God. He states you are the temple of His spirit. His power, love and grace will be overfl owing within you. “Fear of Aloneness” will never again be a part of your conversation. 1 John 4:18; 2 Timothy 1:7

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