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People you should Know

Name of nominee? Lori Phillips-Jones
Family of nominee? Phillip Jones (husband), Alex Jones (son Senior at UAH), Claire Jones
(daughter Sophmore at App State)
How long have you lived in Scott County? I have lived in Scott County since I was 3 yrs
old and my parents moved back for my Dad, Tom, to practice law here.
Favorite place to go in Scott County? Gather Coffee, and event put on by the Appalachain
Society og the Arts, Big South Fork or Timber Rock Lodge for Trivia night.
Favorite place to eat in Scott County? Depends on my mood for the evening; El Rey’s or
Element Asia are my frequent cravings, but Baby J’s is hard to beat!
Favorite hobby? Traveling and visiting new places. I love to visit small towns and see what they
have to draw in tourists. One of my favorite stops was “Grand Canyon Caverns” off of Route 66.
Favorite quote that Parents or Grandparents said? “Always behave your best out in
public and at school and don’t embarrass me.” This was from my Mom, Dorothy.
Favorite home cooked meal? Cookouts when Phillip grills steaks and Alex does Hibachi rice
on our back porch, or my Mom’s pumpkin pie!
Favorite pet? My fur babies Sam (maltipoo) and Chewey (Yorkie) and my Grand fur babies
Know (husky) and Chiquita (100% good girl mix)
Your dream vacation? A 6 month cruise around the world!
A life lesson that you want to pass to the next generation? You only get one reputation
during your lifetime- do all things in an honest way to protect that reputation and treat people the way
you want to be treated.

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