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People You should know

Name of nominee? Ralph Trieschmann
Family of nominee? Michelle (wife), Abigail (daughter), Walker (son)
How long have you lived in Scott County? 2.5 years
Favorite place to go in Scott County? Big South Fork, Grand Gap Loop, Angel Falls Overlook & the movie theater
Favorite place to eat in Scott County? My Mother-in-laws house every Sunday
Favorite hobby? Exploring my new home town
Favorite quote that Parents or Grandparents said? Grandma: “I’d rather be treated as a guest than family,people                                                                                                              tend to dust more for guests.”
Favorite home cooked meal? Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings
Favorite pet? Our current kitten “Bandy”
Your dream vacation? I’ve always wanted to visit Antarctica
A life lesson that you want to pass to the next generation? Take calculated risks in life. Seek new experiences, try things outside your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to fail – how else will you ever grow?

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