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People you should know

Name of nominee? Bruce Mays
Family of nominee? Allison (wife), Kyndal and Connor (children)
How long have you lived in Scott County? All my life
Favorite place to go in Scott County? Big South Fork, Oneida Park
Favorite place to eat in Scott County? It’s hard to pick just one!
Favorite hobby? Anything that my kids are involved in.
Favorite quote that Parents or Grandparents said? My parents always bestowed
in me hard work.
Favorite home cooked meal? Anything that my wife makes
Favorite pet? Our Husky Grady
Your dream vacation? Anywhere we go as a family!
A life lesson that you want to pass to the next generation? Don’t be afraid to be
yourself. Never be afraid to fail because that’s the best life lesson. Love those that
love you, and never be afraid to chase your dreams even if they seem impossible to

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