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Let’s talk… A Laugh Button!

My articles are usually news facts about how to have good health for body, mind and soul. Yet, today I have a story. I would like to ask you to consider making what I am making. It is easy to do yet you need to prepare a short list.
The Story
My friends who have been married for 10 years yet seem like newly-weds, dropped by my house. They had had an argument while traveling in the car.
As I listened to her carefully articulate her side of story, it was immediately clear to me that she was clear thinking and correct in her views. As women we know most of us are very clear with our thoughts and feelings and deliver the views in details.
He listened as she told her side and then he presented his side of the story. Unclear, misdirected and missing her points completely. This seemed reason for both to be upset and perhaps angry. I was not sure what to expect to happen in my living room!
To my surprise, they started laughing and teasing each other. Soon belly laughs filled what had been a tense space. My husband and I were watching all this with much amazement.
When they finally sat down, I asked how did they go from great conflict and drama to suddenly laughing as they retold their argument.
She reminded me that we have the power to choose. We can choose to disarm, to mend fences or not, we can choose to withdraw. We can choose our behavior regardless of the circumstances that come our way each day!
I got it. If you decide relationships are worthy of timeless protection, then you will be willing to choose unity and peace rather than holding tightly to your opinions and thoughts. Why let things get too heated to want to jump into a boxing ring and slug it out at the OK Corral. Disarm with humor and find another day and time to relay your carefully worded thoughts.
Maybe we all need a Laugh Button? I did some research on how to laugh, how to be happy, how to choose. What I discovered is that laughing is great for health in the body, the mind while enriching your soul. You just need to have or make a Laugh Button.
If you are not prone to humorous, witty joke telling, you need to renew your mind each day with a mindset of “laugh stuff” to keep humor and joy front and center of your mind. This will help you to practice before another “line drawing sword fight” meanders your way.
Joke books, Internet funny one-liners, comedy shows are a good way to turn on the Laugh Button that you might not realize you have. Honestly, if you start looking there is quite a lot of humor everywhere.
Distractions, disagreements and hardships come our way each week. Some are serious and must have keen focus, some are frivolous, and some are meant to kill our joy and trample our lives. Know the enemy and know what is fluff; move accordingly. We don’t want to be hard headed, stiff necked, with foolish comments or elevated angry speech. And no drawing lines for a sword fight either. Try a “withdrawal’ Laugh Button.
This is where you need to be creative. Start by saying that you really like that person so much that you would rather not argue with them today. Tell that person that you would rather find a way to laugh and enjoy their company. Have a few prepared humous one liners. You might suggest you would like to share something funny and perhaps the two of you might keep your own personal joy and inter peace by laughing together. Be creative.
I found some great books with new witty ammunition for myself. I have already tried this on a family member to much success. I know I will never be considered a funny nor humorous person yet I want to learn what one of my girlfriends does so flawlessly—making people laugh before things take a wrong turn! There are more applications than just an argument turned around with her husband. We can bring more laughter into our own homes, with our neighbors or to our work place and even to our churches.
When is the last time you had a real long belly laugh? Wasn’t it so much fun! Share the joy and pass laughter to others.

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