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Quick & Easy DIY Sunglasses Case Pattern
By Amber at
“This summer sew up a cute little DIY sunglasses case in 3 easy steps. It’s great to throw in your purse or
beach bag and take on the go with you. Seriously, these are easy. They should take you about 10 minutes
(heck, even if you’re a newbie, it should take not too long!) and uses only a few steps and all straight
1 scrap fabric #1 (outer fabric)
1 scrap fabric #2 (inner fabric)
1 scraps fusible fleece
30 minutes
1. Cut your fabric into 7 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch rectangles. You will need 4 total, 2 from each fabric.
2. Fuse your fleece to the wrong side of your outer fabric. Then cut about 1/2 inch off the length of that
one so that it is slightly shorter than your inner fabric.
3. Partner each of your rectangles with their matching rectangle. With right sides together, sew around the
outer edges of your rectangles, leaving one of the short ends open.
4. Turn the inner fabric rectangle that you just sewed right side out and stuff it down into the outer fabric
(which is still wrong side out).
5. Match up the top edges and then sew around the
top edge leaving a small opening to turn it. Just
be careful to only sew through your two layers of
fabric at a time. This can be a little tricky-see the
image. Stop frequently with your needle down to adjust
the fabric if necessary.
6. Turn it all right side out and stuff the inner piece down into the outer with just a little edge showing at
the top. Press it flat and top stitch all the way around the top (again being careful not to sew through all 4
layers, just the two you want).
And you are done! Pretty easy I hope?



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