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People You Should Know

Name of nominee? Jatolia Lynn (Keeton) McDowell

Family of nominee? Chad McDowell, Cannon Brady McDowell, Harris Len and Terri Keeton

How long have you lived in Scott County? 46 years (minus 15 years moving around Southern east coast)

Favorite place to go in Scott County? Anywhere I can be with friends and family or my front porch

Favorite place to eat in Scott County? Moose’s & Mama’s House

Favorite hobby? Watching my guys play football/baseball, lake days, pool days, beach days ( I like the water)

Favorite quote that Parents or Grandparents said? You can do anything in life you want to do as long as you’re willing to pay the consequences- Harris Len

Favorite home cooked meal? Chicken & Dumplings, cornbread, and milk

Favorite pet? I LOVE my big dogs! St Bernards & Great Danes (Fenway and Rockwell)

Your dream vacation? Normandy France. I want to go retrace the footsteps of my Pappaw Bug from D-Day to when his regiment got picked up and taken to a German POW Camp

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