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Headches & Airbrakes

This week I will
catch you up on the
road trip from the
22nd. I apologize for
not doing this last
week, but time got
away from me.
We left off if I remember
correctly at Heritage
Diner and Harley
Davidson Museum.
After leaving there we
travelled onto Monongahela
Where we delivered
our load of Fire Brick.
Now I have been in
this area below Pittsburgh
many times an
usually it is a good
area for someone
pulling and End Dump
like myself, but with
the market being as
slow as it has been I
found myself talking
to agents all day long
saying (It was like the
faucet got cut off)

So me and Donna
ended up in a motel,
hoping Tuesday would
bring better loads.
Tuesday ended up being
a repeat of Monday
and at the end of
the day I took a load
that was offered to me
Monday, but I thought
something better
would come along.
Loaded Wednesday at
Marietta Ohio A load of gypsum to

Señora North Carolina.
Certainteed Factory
that had all this space
way out in the country
and after driving at

least 20 minutes to
the place, I was told
that they didn’t allow
parking anywhere on

their 900 acres, so I
had to drive back to
town 80 minutes more
of driving and fuel but
that didn’t concern
them,,,,,,,,anyway you
got to Love it.
From there We loaded
at Arvonia Virginia a
place that produced
nothing but Black
Slate that is shipped
all over the country,
(Yes you heard me
BLACK SLATE something
Scott County
has in abundance)
This load was going to
Romeoville Illinois on
Now by the time we
got loaded for Romeoville,
it was going
to be a hard row to
hoe, so we opted for a
Monday delivery and
came Home to Oneida
for the weekend.

Thinking back we
probably should
have tried to make it
for Friday delivery,
because Sunday came
and when we left, it
ended up being during
the bad storm that hit
our area and when
we got just north of
Whitley City, a very
large Pine tree fell
across the road and I
didn’t see it till there
wasn’t any time to do
anything other than
plow right through
it…….Thankfully we

were unharmed, but
my Freightliner will
be out of commission
for awhile. So while
it’s down I will be in
my 1988 Kenworth
I would like to thank
you for riding along
with us and as you
can see, trucking isn’t
always easy, but if it
was easy everybody
would do it.
Remember Trust in
God in all things. May
your journey always
find you in the Center
of God’s will and May
His Grace abound
much in your Life.
God Bless You and
Yours and Please Keep
a Good Thought. Nick
and Donna Manis
Below is a pic of my
Beautiful Sister Stacey
and Brother Derek

Recent sustained
rate stabilization
has given hope to
motor carriers that
trucking conditions
have bottomed out
and a rebound is
just beyond the
horizon. “We do
start to appear to
have rates finding
a floor. So in
other words, this
deflationary cycle
we’ve been seeing
take place over the
past year seems
to be drawing to a
close,” said Jason
Miller, supply
chain professor
at the Eli Broad
College of Business
at Michigan State
and veteran
economist. “The
two sectors in
particular are the
general freight
long-distance less
than truckload
sector, where
essentially the May
producer price
index is unchanged
from April. And also
then the specialized
freight sector.
So that’s going
to be your longdistance
refrigerated, auto
haulers, chemical
haulers, where,
again, we’re starting
to see evidence that
that producer price
indices capturing
the revenue
they’re obtaining
essentially per load,
has effectively been
flat in May from

Iowa 80 Truckstop is
pleased to announce
that Shenandoah
will be this year’s
Friday night
headliner for the 44th
Anniversary Walcott
Truckers Jamboree.
Shenandoah is set to
take the stage on July
14th at 7:00 pm.
“We are thrilled
to be able to bring
Shenandoah to the
Jamboree Concert
Stage this year. This
dynamic, Grammy®
Award winning
group became well
known for hits
“Two Dozen Roses”,
“Church on
Cumberland Road”
and “Next to
You, Next to Me”
as well as such
achingly beautiful
classics as “I Want
to be Loved Like
That”, says Heather
DeBaillie, Vice
President, Marketing.
“The Walcott Truckers
Jamboree is a summer
event you won’t want
to miss. We look
forward to celebrating
America’s truckers
and the work they
do each day to keep
this country rolling.”
The 44th Anniversary
Walcott Truckers
Jamboree, will be held
July 13-15, 2023, at
Iowa 80 Truckstop,
I-80 Exit 284, Walcott,
Iowa. Check out www.
com for the most
up to date event
Admission and
parking are FREE!
Concerts are
FREE! Complimentary
shuttles will be
provided from the
parking area to the
event grounds.

Rand McNally offers 2024
Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas
JUNE 29, 2023•Land Line
|Rand McNally
has a new
edition of its
Motor Carriers’
Road Atlas. The
atlas is intended
for professional
GPS is nearly
used for routing
trucks, Rand
McNally says in
a news release
that its atlas “is
often the goto
device that
drivers use to
plot their course
and to use when
GPS devices
fail to operate
Each edition
includes updated
state and national
routes, the latest
regulations, fuel tax
charts, restricted
routes, and lowclearance
Among the 2024
edition updates:
update of fuel
tax information
and tractortrailer
procedures. Hazmat
route regulations,
tips and facts, onthe-
road resources,
and state access
policies. Updated
restricted routes,
low clearance,
and weigh station
locations. Updated
population values
in the index. The
addition of mileagebased
exit numbers
along Interstate
95 in Rhode Island
Revised 22-page
mileage directory
with more than
40,000 truck routespecific,
mileages. Detailed
coverage of state
and national
designated routes.
Road construction
and conditions hot
lines. Easy-to-use
chart of state and
provincial permit
agency phone
numbers and
Re-designation of
U.S. Highway 264
in North Carolina
along I-95 near
Wilson to Greenville
to Interstate 587.
The new editions
of the atlas are
available in
paperback; a spiralbound,
deluxe version; and
a large-scale edition
with maps that are
37% larger printed
on laminated pages
with a tough spiral
binding that allows
the book to lay open
Rand McNally says
the 2024 Motor
Carriers’ Road Atlas
can be purchased
at travel centers, in
bookstores, Online
at the Rand McNally
Store, and other
e-commerce stores.
Rand McNally was
founded in 1856.
Its headquarters
are in Chicago. The
company published
its first map in
1872 and its first
automobile map
in 1904. It first
published an atlas
in 1923, according
to the company’s
Online history.



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