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Community Project Funding for Students in Scott County

U.S. Representative for Tennessee’s Third Congressional District, Chuck Fleischmann,
Awards L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs & Violence) $203,000 in FY23 Community
Project Funding for Students in Scott County

Grant From Rep. Fleischmann Will Benefit Local Students in Scott
County by Creating More Resources to Educate Them on L.E.A.D.’s
Anti-Drug, Anti-Violence Curriculum
June 20, 2023 – Chuck Fleischmann, the U.S. representative for
Tennessee’s Third Congressional District, awarded L.E.A.D. (Law
Enforcement Against Drugs & Violence) $203,000 in FY23 Community
Project Funding for L.E.A.D.’s Implementation Project in Tennessee
in April. L.E.A.D., a nationwide nonprofit that works with communities
to help students understand the dangers of drugs and violence, is
already being taught in certain areas throughout Tennessee, but Rep.
Fleischmann’s grant will help to benefit existing programs as well as
create new programs in Tennessee’s Third Congressional District.
In addition to allowing L.E.A.D. to strategically expand its program
in Tennessee, funding for this project will help the organization to
support law enforcement and school personnel, purchase workbooks
and training materials, enhance teaching methods and conduct program
evaluations to reinforce the effectiveness of the L.E.A.D. program. It
will be used exclusively in Tennessee’s Third Congressional District,
including Scott County.
“The funding that Rep. Fleischmann awarded us is a huge step in the
way that our organization is able to educate school children in Tennessee
on why steering clear of alcohol, drugs and violence is vital, in
addition to teaching them lessons that will give them crucial life skills
such as setting attainable goals, managing their emotions and making
good decisions,” said Nick DeMauro, CEO of L.E.A.D. “We’re incredibly
grateful for the grant that Rep. Fleischmann presented to us for our
Implementation Project in Tennessee, and we appreciate that he supports
our vision to develop safer, more cohesive communities free of
harmful substances and violence.”
L.E.A.D. provides services “On The Street” and “In The Classroom”
as it brings law enforcement and communities closer together. The
“In The Classroom” program is taught by 3800 trained instructors in
41 states. L.E.A.D. has a proven effective, law enforcement-focused
anti–drug, anti–violence curriculum for K-12 students in the U.S. The
L.E.A.D. curriculum is taught over the course of a 10-week program
to educate youth on how they can make smart decisions without the
involvement of drugs or violence.
“No cause is as important as keeping our children away from drugs
and violence. Far too many children in Tennessee are living with the
daily reality of drug abuse and unstable personal lives that can lead to
violence,” said Rep. Fleischmann. “As a strong believer in public-private
partnerships and empowering proven effective nonprofits like
L.E.A.D., I’m proud to have secured $203,000 in my FY23 Community
Project Funding request.”
“These funds will help our outstanding law enforcement teach the
most vulnerable among us how to avoid the evils of drug use and violence.
I’m confident that L.E.A.D. will continue their effective work
and use these funds to help more kids in our communities learn to
avoid violence and the scourge of drug use,” added Rep. Fleischmann.
About L.E.A.D.
L.E.A.D. provides the leadership, resources and management to ensure
law enforcement agencies have the means to partner with educators,
community leaders, and families. L.E.A.D. succeeds by providing
proven and effective programs to deter youth and adults from drug use,
drug related crimes, bullying and violence. L.E.A.D. is committed to
reinforcing the mutual respect, goodwill and relations between law enforcement
and their communities. For more information, visit https://

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