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People you should know

Name of nominee? Judy Liming
Family of nominee? Mark Liming- Daughters- Sonni Reagan & Aleisha Byrd- & Grandchildren
How long have you lived in Scott County? 65+ years
Favorite place to go in Scott County? My home up on Samuel’s Mt., all the hiking trails & river of
the Big South Fork
Favorite place to eat in Scott County? Moose’s, RaeZack’s, and El Rey’s
Favorite hobby? Hiking and landscaping
Favorite quote that Parents or Grandparents said? It’s not what they said; it’s how they lived
their lives!
Favorite home cooked meal? Any meal with my family and friends
Favorite pet? The only ones I have now- Rosie, Sam, and Follows
Your dream vacation? Probably Hawaii, touring Europe, or visiting the Holy Land
A life lesson that you want to pass to the next generation? If possible, “Count it all joy.” Love
Jesus with your whole heart. Acceptance with joy, Honor with Love, Forgiveness with Grace.

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