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A thank you note

On a warm sunny day, Tamara Jones and a few friends left their homes in Rockford,
Illinois and took to the road on 2 wheels. Mountain bound, they found themselves
in the middle of a terrible rainstorm that made riding a motorcycle not only
unpleasant but also unsafe. As strangers to Scott County, they didn’t know any of
the local hotel locations or eateries, and were soaking wet to boot. In the midst of
their sopping troubles, one of Scott County’s own, Cindy Daugherty, was driving by
and noticed the group tucked into the Auto Zone parking lot. Cindy’s husband is the
owner of local motorcycle shop DILLIGAF Cycle Shop, so Cindy is no stranger to
motorcycles, or getting caught in the rain on one. Turning around, she pulled into
the parking lot and offered for the group to follow her to DILLIGAF to dry off and
try to make plans for a hotel. The group, overjoyed at the offer, followed her to the
Cycle Shop where she and Adam offered their hospitality of towels, food and drink,
and knowledge of the local areas hotels. Within minutes Adam was there to help the
group with any maintenance their motorcycles may need while they took a rest under
the shops overhang. While Adam and Cindy are generous souls each and every
day, this random act of kindness was carried in the hearts of those they helped all
the way back to Rockford, Illinois. As a thank you for Adam and Cindy’s generosity,
Tamara, Polly, Lisa, Mei, Teresa, Nicole and Patty would like to give a shout out
to them both, along with a mention of DILLIGAF Cycle Shop. “Thanks for your
hospitality, and if you’re ever in the area, give us a call!”
Thank you Cindy and Adam for taking time and effort to help visiting strangers
and making Scott County proud!

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