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This Column Will Save Your Life

This Column Will Save Your Life

by Jean Davenport-Niles

Let’s hike…A hike is good for your soul! Wear out those tennis shoes while you hike and enjoy the incredible sights in the mountains that surround Scott County. While you are moving those muscles, you might have time to reflect on not only the beauty that you find in nature yet a renewed and deep appreciation of the person who designed it all. Many people tell me that a good walk or hike gives them time to reflect on God and/or to have a thankful heart or it’s the right time to talk to Him about life situations.

What does nature reveal about God? His character! Connecting with God through nature is more than just admiring the sunrise, it is examining His handiwork and learning about who He is. The mountains stand strong and powerful, the sun rises no matter how dark the night, the waves gently lap the rocky streams, God’s voice is found in creation, we simply need to train our eyes to see Him. So how do we find God in nature? Perhaps we should reverse that statement. For it is not me that finds God in nature, but in the natural world that God finds me.
1. God powerfully creates and cares for all His creation
For centuries, God has created people, animals, birds, and all living beings. He is truly the master artist, engineer, philosopher, and teacher. Nature simply showcases the presence of the God’s handiwork. These creations work as means to mimic the mystifying power of the deity. However, what one needs to perceive is how these creations are being
looked after and maintained for a long period. It is the God who invisibly takes care of all the living things. Albert Einstein stated: “Look deep into nature, for you will understand everything better”. It implies that one needs to meticulously look into the creations in Nature. The flawless working, beauty, magical power, etc. remind us how they are carefully crafted. It is vital to comprehend how they function continuously for the welfare of living beings. Once you do that, you will obtain the real meaning of life and also admire the supreme power of God.
2. God fulfills “Basic Needs”
It is rightly said that a living being cannot survive if their basic needs are not met. Considering the type of each living being, you will find how flawlessly, nature fulfills the fundamental needs of most living beings. God is who sustains all. Renewable resources are one of the best examples that demonstrate how nature reminds us of God. These resources not just fulfill the needs of living beings but also depicts how they are working relentlessly and constantly without any sign of exhaustion. The reason behind their continuous force is nothing but God.
3. God’s Perfect Timing
The perfect timing for flower blossoming, the arrival of rain, the heat of the sun, change of seasons, etc. demonstrate the magical power of nature. It is the will of God behind all these that lead to the corresponding changes. The timing is perfect for every season and every natural change you perceive. Your current dreams may not be perceptible or you may be suffering from failures. Instead of getting mentally destroyed from that, wait for the God’s timing. God has planned everything for us and brings it to us in the form of Nature. The temporary failures in life do not relate to the success you are about to obtain in the future. If God commands the Sunrise and Sunset, he definitely has your heart in his palm of hands to look after. Enjoy the hiking trails of our county as they are reminders of how incredible God is and of the world He has created—the breath-taking views from the mountains, walking along the peaceful ponds, seeing millions of stars in the sky, and watching stunning sunrises will make you feel incredibly closer to God, your Creator.


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