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This is one Engine-ious Family!

Alexander and Nikolay Shkolnik, the MIT grad and physics dad behind LiquidPiston, are delivering the first major innovation to the internal combustion engine in over 100 years.

And guess what? They’re giving you the chance to become a shareholder.

They’ve patented a new thermodynamic cycle to power a redesigned rotary engine that boasts up to 10x the power of a traditional piston engine. Best of all, the engine is compatible with a variety of fuels, including hydrogen. This could unlock a 100% green energy solution for the combustion engine market.

No wonder this (thermo)dynamic duo has secured $30m in contracts from the US Army, the Air Force, and more.

Due to the acceleration in funding, this could be your last chance to lock in shares at this price. Invest in LiquidPiston today.

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